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Recycled Outdoor Gear Sale

Recycled Outdoor Gear Sale - Thanks to this year's donors and to all that purchased items. We had a very successful fundraiser.

Feel great about reclaiming some of the space in your garage & closets by donating items for the Recycled Outdoor Gear Sale.
Please call PWELC to arrange pick-up or drop-off of donated items.  Popular items include boats, canoes, kayaks, fishing gear, camping gear, bikes, archery, hunting gear, bird feeders, bird houses, binoculars, xc skis, snowshoes and........ surprise us!!

Once you've cleaned out that space, join us for the sale! Give new life to great, gently used outdoor gear.
All proceeds support youth and family programs at Prairie Woods

The Annual Recycled Outdoor Gear Sale is held in April in conjunction with Earth Day.  
If you would like to help with the Gear Sale, either by donating equipment or helping to organize the sale, please give us a call at 354-5894  THANKS!!