Curriculum Guide

Animal Signs Year-round—Pre-K to 6th gr.
Join our adventure in the woods, wetlands, and prairies, where we’ll search for signs left behind by our animal neighbors. Along the way, we’ll learn how animals move, what they eat, where they live, and much more

Archery Year-round—4th gr & up.
Anchor, aim. . . release! Learn the basics of Olympic-style target archery and experience the challenge of trying just one more time to hit the bull’s eye. All-weather activity.

Birds on the Wing Year-round—all ages.
Birds provide a colorful, engaging look into nature. We’ll explore first-hand the concepts of diversity, adaptation, and habitat, while seeking a view of the colorful birds of Prairie Woods using binoculars and field guides.

Canoeing Spring, Summer, Fall—5th gr & up.
You’ll have fun experiencing this historic form of transportation. After a lesson in canoeing skills and safety, students will set off over the water to witness the wildlife of wetlands at Prairie Woods.

Climbing Wall: Indoor Year-round—all ages.
No matter what the weather, stretch your arms, legs, and courage on our indoor climbing wall. Nine different climbs suit a wide range of skill levels.

Climbing Wall: Outdoor Spring, Summer, Fall—all ages.
Our 40 foot, three-sided tower offers six climbs for people of all skill-levels and ages. Participants learn courage, determination, self worth, and mutual encouragement through climbing activities.

Compass Year-round—4th gr & up.
Let’s stay found! Students will learn the basics of how to find and shoot bearings using a compass, as well as how to navigate in a straight line. Got it? Test your skills in outdoor activities, games, and a compass course.

Cross-country skiing Winter—1st gr & up.
Explore the wonders of winter while gliding across the snow. Students will enjoy the opportunity to have a new experience and learn the history of cross country skiing

Eco-Voyager, Spring, Summer, Fall - All Ages (typically 3rd & up)
When it comes to water, we're all in the same boat! With Prairie Woods' outreach education program, you can explore a lake or river near your school in our 34-foot voyageur canoe. You and your students can explore a lake or river near your school and learn about water. The Eco-Voyageur program is open to individual classes (15-30 students) or entire grade levels.
Fat tire biking Spring, Summer, Fall —5th grade & up.
Take your biking skills off road. This class will cover bicycle safety, body position, pedaling, and shifting as we explore the trails through the prairies.This class is for particpants who are already comfortable riding a bike on flat and even terrain.

Initiative Games Year-round—all ages.
Initiative Games teach communication, creative problem solving, cooperation and critical thinking skills. Activities illustrate the complexity and interrelatedness of natural systems and provide a fun way to prepare for meeting the challenges of daily life.

Insect Safari Spring, Summer, Fall—Pre-K & up.
Creepy, crawly, and crucial: insects are among the most abundant. . . and necessary. . . critters on earth. Investigate the importance of insects, learn about their roles in ecosystems, and search for insects here at Prairie Woods.

Lorax Puppet Show Year-round - All Ages 
Watch Dr. Seuss's The Lorax come to life in a live puppet show. Students will learn the lessons of the Lorax, the Onceler, the Truffala Trees and all the other friends that lived in the "grickle grass". A short discussion will be held after the performance. Can be done for a classroom or large audience. 

Minnesota Mammals Year-round—1st gr & up.
Through studying pelts and skulls, students learn about adaptations among our native mammals. Then, join us outdoors for detective search, where we’ll use observation skills to track mammals and learn about their behavior.

Pond Study Spring, Summer, Fall—all ages.
Mysterious and fascinating creatures live in our wetlands. Search the pond’s edge to collect and observe living things in many shapes and sizes. Learn about wetland formation, the importance of wetlands, and what that means for us.

Prairies Spring, Summer, Fall—2nd gr & up.
Just 1% of Minnesota’s original tall-grass prairie remains today. Explore the significance of this remarkable ecosystem through hands-on activities in our native and restored prairies.

Prairie Woods Pinnacle (26.5 ft. mobile climbing wall), Spring, Summer, Fall - All Ages

Predator & Prey Year-round—1st to 6th gr.
The complex relationships between predators and prey are made fun and interesting through simulation games. Students have their own roles to play as we learn about population dynamics and survival strategies.

Snowshoe Tracking Winter—4th gr & up.
Put on your big feet and discover the joy of traveling across deep snow. Along the way, we’ll look for evidence of how animals adapt to winter, and search out tracks to identify.

Survival Year-round—4th gr & up.
Prepare to survive outdoors, Consider the possibility. What are the rules of 3? What are your basic needs? Teamwork is key as your group builds a shelter using survival basics.

Tree-Tectives Year-round—K to 6th gr.
Trees surround us, but how well do we know them? Act out the parts of a tree, then get personally acquainted with a tree here at Prairie Woods. Upper elementary students will use a map to find their way on our Tree-Trail, and practice using a dichotomous key to identify them.

Time Travel: Year-round—1st gr. & up.
Travel back to 1888 for a hour, half day, or a full day! This experience is like no other. Travel back, back, back. . . back in time to the Danielson homestead. There is much that can be done, churning butter, washing clothes, making toys, wood working, singing, dancing and much more. The options for this program are almost endless.

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