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 Our Invitation:  Explore..... Local Waters..... with your Students!

When it comes to water, we're all in the same boat!


When it comes to water, we're all in the same boat! With Prairie Woods' outreach education program, you can explore a lake or river near your school in our 34-foot voyageur canoe. You and your students can explore a lake or river near your school and learn about water. The Eco-Voyageur program is open to individual classes (15-30 students) or entire grade levels.
eco vayageur


During the Eco-Voyage, students will discover that “we’re all in the same boat” when it comes to water. Working together in groups of up to 18, they will paddle the voyageur canoe on your community's waterways. We can also set up learning stations, where students will study water ecology and/or Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) with Prairie Woods educators & local resource professionals. Eco-Voyageur can be a 1 hour, half-day, or full-day experience.

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Made possible by Northern Environmental Support Trust and Charles and Marjorie Dickman.

Sponsors of the voyageur canoe & EcoVoyageur are:

  • Charles & Marjorie Dickman: donation of the voyageur canoe.
  • Northern Environmental Support Trust: $15,000 program grant.
  • Mike Tebben & Tebben Enterprises in Clara City: canoe trailer.
  • Bill Johnson and Ted Olson: trailer modifications.
  • Willmar Area Community Foundation: life jackets & paddles.
  • Kandiyohi County Water Planning Task Force: life jackets.