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If you can't come to Prairie Woods, let Prairie Woods come to you!

We understand, with bussing and chaperones, that it can be difficult for some to make a trip to Prairie Woods. If your organization is within an hour drive of Prairie Woods, please consider our outreach programs. Just like our "on-site" programs, we can create a program that works for your interests, space, and time needs. 

A special note for our friends in Wright and Stearns Counties:  Wright and Stearns County Parks are working with PWELC to fulfill a  grant from the Greater MN Parks and Trails Commission with funding made possible through the Legacy Amendment.   Call Kory or Steve to discuss options for programs in Wright and Stearns County Parks!

Minnesota Mammals
Through studying pelts and skulls, students learn about adaptations among our native mammals.
Along the way, we’ll learn how animals move, what they eat, where they live, and much more. 
Initiative Games
Initiative Games teach communication, creative problem solving, cooperation and critical thinking skills.  Activities illustrate the complexity and interrelatedness of natural systems and provide a fun way to prepare for meeting the challenges of daily life.
Compass 101
Let’s stay found! Students will learn the basics of how to find and shoot bearings using a compass, as well as how to navigate in a straight line. Got it?  Test your skills in outdoor (or large indoor space) activities and games.
Predator & Prey .
The complex relationships between predators and prey are made fun and interesting through simulation games. Students have their own roles to play as we learn about population dynamics and survival strategies.
The Water Cycle
Learn where the water is and where it goes. Act out the parts of the water cycle then go on a journey as a water molecule. Finish by writing your life story as a water molecule. We also have ecoscapes (runoff models) that we can bring to your classroom.
Snowshoeing – (weather and space permitting)
If you have the snow and space then we have the snowshoes and can bring them to you. Students will have the opportunity to try their hand (or feet) at snowshoeing.  

Lorax Puppet Show
Watch Dr. Seuss's The Lorax come to life in a live puppet show. Students will learn the lessons of the Lorax, the Onceler, the Truffala Trees and all the other friends that lived in the "grickle grass". A short discussion will be held after the performance. Can be done for a classroom or large audience.
When it comes to water, we're all in the same boat! With Prairie Woods' outreach education program, you can explore a lake or river near your school in our 34-foot voyageur canoe. You and your students can explore a lake or river near your school and learn about water. The Eco-Voyageur program is open to individual classes (15-30 students) or entire grade levels.

Paddle Programs and Guided River trips
We have 17-foot canoes and 10-foot sit upon kayaks avaible for paddle programs and guided river trips.

For information on other classes that may be available or to discuss a customized program for your school or group contact:
Kory Klebe
Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

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