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Schedule a Program

We're glad you've decided to experience Prairie Woods! Here's what to do next:

1. Call us at 320-354-5894. Together, we'll discuss the goals of your visit.

2. Establish a program date and time. We will develop a price quote for you based on your customized program.

3. You'll receive a confirmation letter from us, confirming dates, times, activities, and fees.

4. Send information to participants, parents, and adults associated with the group. In addition, each participant will need to complete a liability form.

5. At least one week prior to your visit, please call us to confirm numbers. We will prepare staff and equipment, as well as billing, for this number of participants. At this time you may also receive a schedule of your visit. Please look it over and let us know if you have concerns. (Sample schedules are available on request.)

6. Divide the students into the appropriate number of groups (according to the schedule), and make sure students know their groups prior to arrival.

7. Any questions? Give us a call! We'll be happy to hear from you. 320-354-5894 

Please Remind Students. . .

  • Dress for outdoor experiences. Wear and bring adequate clothing for all possible conditions, including rain gear and extra socks.In winter, please dress in layers. Hats, mittens, and boots are ESSENTIAL from October through March.
  • Please bring a lunch or snack if you wish. At present, we have no food service.
  • Please consider reducing waste when packing lunches. Bring food in reusable and recyclable containers. Recycling bins are available on site.
  • Students should wear name tags.

Day Visits
This sample schedule will give you an idea of how a program at Prairie Woods procedes. Each Prairie Woods program is customed-designed for a group of students, so actual schedules vary significantly by group.

Session Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
9:45 – 10:45 Predator/Prey Insects Climbing Wall Insects
10:45 – 11:45 Climbing Wall Pred/Prey Insects Climbing Wall
11:45 – 12:15 Lunch* Lunch* Lunch* Lunch*
12:15 – 1:15 Insects Climbing Wall Pred/Prey Pred/Prey

* Student bring their own bag lunch, and are welcome to eat on site at picnic areas or in the classroom building or barn. Time Travel (4-hour day visit) program can provide lunch for participants.

Residential Visits

Overnight programs are an unrivaled opportunity for students to be immersed in hands-on learning in the outdoor world. Students return home with a new understanding of the natural environment, their role in it, and their own ability to make a difference. Meanwhile, they enjoy every minute! Visits can be 2-day or 3-day experiences.

Prairie Woods is able to provide your group with an outstanding residential environmental education experience with the partnership of Green Lake Lutheran Ministries whose facilities provide lodging and meals .

Rates and Fees

Program Rates:
Programs are typically charged by number of groups(12-15 participants), length of program, and what activities are scheduled. 
Please call to custom create the perfect program that fits your needs. 320-354-5894

If possible, have the following information ready when you call: 

-length of program you wish to schedule
-number of participants
-activities you wish to participate in


We look forward to hearing from you!