Staff and Board

Kory Klebe, Environmental Education and Shooting Sports (

I coordinate the environmental education and shooting sports programs here at Prairie Woods. I started my environmental education career in 1998 and have worked programs in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Northern Ireland before coming to PWELC in 2010.

If it is: 
Catching macro invertebrates with school kids on the wetland walkway.
Tracking animals through the prairies with boy scouts.
Working the sporting clay range.
Manning our 34 foot Canoe.
I enjoy getting people outdoors to learn about the world they live in.
Mari Klebe, Office Manager/Time Travel Program Leader (

I joined the full time Prairie Woods team in Nov. 2013, after volunteering and being a part-time staff member the prior three years. I wear many hats at Prairie Woods as office manager, “as needed” challenge course and environmental education instructor, as well as time travel program leader.

I gained my “many hat” experience through working for outdoor education centers in Hudson, WI and Battle Creek, MI. 
Growing up in Door County, WI is what built my love of the outdoors and a good Midwest winter.

Steve Friedlein, Challenge Course Coordinator (

In 2009 I moved to MN from Texas to live on the family homestead. I started working for PWELC with both Environmental Education and Challenge Course programs. March of 2014 I moved into the Challenge Course Coodinator role.

Shelli-Kae Foster, LCCMR YES! Grant Project Leader (

I work with the Youth Energy Summit (YES!) program at PWELC as the Grant Project Manager and I coordinate teams in the north-central region.  Taking this successful model of youth-led energy action teams in schools into this region has gone great and we are planning to expand into the NE region.  I enjoy meeting with students and being a part of their amazing projects to reduce energy and waste in their schools and communities. 

  Before coming to PWELC I worked with the Alexandria School District on their Green Initiatives, produced environmental programming at Twin Cities Public Television and worked with local businesses to create sustain business action plans.  

  I enjoy spending time with my husband Sean and our 3 sons Manford, Kagan and J.J. 

  PWELC is a great place to be - I hope you will join us soon.  Contact me anytime to find out more about the YES! program

Board Members/Governing Board
Jim Tetzloff,  Chairperson
Scott Glup,  Vice Chair
David Nester, Treasurer
Secretary, Sharon Oleson
John Clementson
Dr. Robert Kaiser
Dennis Peterson
Ron Halvorson
Roger Imdieke, Kandiyohi County Commissioner
Rollie Nissen, Kandiyohi County Commissioner
Wayne Thompson

Claudia Thompson

Board of Trustees
Allison and Luke Geiger
Justin and Sara Bos
Kathryn Kelly
Joel and Cathy Halbritter
John and Mary Lindstrom
Dr. Steve Martinka
Mary Merlin
Brad Michelson
Denise Smith
Steve Linder
Paul and Sandra Vollan
Beth Anderson
LeRoy Dahlke
Bob and Pauline Halvorson
Dr. Roger and Kay Strand
Dennis and Karen Peterson
Joel Schmidt
Ron Erpelding
Christina Wordes
Steve and Shelly Erickson
Steve Ahmann, Kandiyohi County Commissioner